Have you seen this bench?

The Amsterdam bench featured in The Fault In Our Stars has up and disappeared. City spokesman Stephan Van Der Hoek says the green bench that used to sit on the Leidsdegracht has been missing for at least a month, though its absence mostly went unnoticed after someone (The bench thief? A neighbor? The bench itself?) placed a large flowerpot on the spot. Van Der Hoek says the disappearance is “a little embarrassing,” as the city tries to keep track of its firmly cemented property. But he adds that it’ll be replaced within weeks, so as to appease all the Fault fans visiting the city.

Suspects in the bench’s disappearance include insanely selfish Fault fans, bench neighbors unhappy with all the movie fan looky-loos, common vandals unaware of its cultural significance, and even the city itself, which may have taken the bench away for repairs and just not reported it.