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The Beef Boys get sloppy in Adult Swim's new Beef House trailer

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As the need to self-quarantine rises with the burgeoning threat of the novel coronavirus, one can’t help but long for a beef house all their own, a place to spend one’s final days amidst friends, family, and leftover slabs of lasagna. Thankfully, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim’s Beef House will open its doors to one and all when it premieres later this month on Adult Swim.

Now, following last month’s brief peek at the gang’s sitcom throwback, Paste has premiered an even more nauseating trailer for the series, one riddled with knives, puke, mass murder, hot tubs, horny beavers, and gaping wounds. Watch it below.

The series, which both indulges in and subverts the tropes of ‘90s-era TGIF, stars Heidecker and Wareheim alongside Awesome Show veterans Ron Austar, Tennessee Luke, and Ben Hur. The Sopranos’ Jamie-Lynn Sigler rounds out the cast as Wareheim’s put-upon wife, who doesn’t especially cotton to the antics of Tim’s laid-back rock-and-roll slacker.


What’s perhaps best about this trailer is how hard it asserts that, in this world, the concept of a “beef house” is not specific to Tim, Eric, and the gang, but rather a very normal, understood thing that’s embraced by some, including Tim’s hot tub paramour, and derided by others, such as Sigler and Breaking Bad’s Michael Bowen.

The beef will be passed when the series debuts March 29 on Adult Swim.

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