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The Beatles are finally coming to streaming services

According to Billboard, sources in the music industry are hinting that this Christmas Eve might bring a pretty hefty musical gift to users of streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal: the entirety of The Beatles’ musical catalogue

Although nobody—not the streaming services, and not rights-holder Apple Records—is going on the record yet, the site is confidently claiming that Thursday, December 24 will see every Beatles album—from Please Please Me to Let It Be—flood onto the various major players, presumably smashing previous streaming records and letting mixtape playlists that were one “Eleanor Rigby” away from perfection finally come into their own.


The Beatles have always been one of the holy grails of digital music distribution, to the point that Apple’s securing of the catalog for iTunes in 2010 was a major landmark in online music sales. The Billboard report hints that various online streamers may have attempted to finagle an exclusivity deal with Apple Records, but it looks like none of them came to fruition. So, if “Piggies” and “Revolution 9” do make their way to streaming services next week, they’ll apparently be making their way to all of them.

[h/t Consequence Of Sound]

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