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The BBC uses the Firth to promote its new streaming site

Screenshot: Pride And Prejudice

If you somehow missed the early celebrations and promotions, tomorrow is Star Wars Day. No, not the anniversary of the day on which Star Wars (later rebranded as Star Wars: Episode IV—A New Hope, thank you very much, prequels) was first released in the U.S. That’s actually May 25. May the 4th is Star Wars Day because when you say the date, it sounds like you’re quoting a Jedi after biting your tongue (possibly after discussing the prequels). This is lots of fun for many people, except for the British, who would prefer you didn’t butcher the Queen’s English so. Across the pond, they’re gearing up for the annual observance of one of their finest exports ever: Colin Firth (movies).

Firth’s legacy has been entrusted to no less than the BBC and ITV, who have partnered up on a new streaming site called BritBox. It boasts the largest collection of British TV, which is where Firth first rose to prominence. To celebrate “May The Firth,” Britbox is streaming several of his greatest hits, including the Pride And Prejudice adaptation that saw him go on the sexiest morning constitutional ever. If WWI-era Firth is more to your liking, Lost Empires is streaming, too, along with Dutch Girls, Crown Court, and more. The May The Firth playlist will be available on BritBox May 4, just in time for you to lord it over the riffraff and their AT-ATs.


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