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The BBC is making another Terry Pratchett documentary

(Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

Best-selling fantasy author Terry Pratchett didn’t shy away from his own mortality. After being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in 2007, the beloved Discworld author continued to write and work, even filming three somewhat grimly titled TV documentaries—Living With Alzheimer’s, Choosing To Die, and the conservation-themed Facing Extinction—before his death in 2015.

Now, the BBC is working to celebrate Pratchett’s life, announcing a new, humor-laden documentary titled Terry Pratchett: Back In Black. The name, presumably, is a reference to Pratchett’s frequently single-color wardrobe, while the film itself will feature a large amount of footage that was shot specifically for the production in the months before his death.


British actor Paul Kaye will give voice to Pratchett’s comic musings, as the doc attempts to capture the warmth, humor, and humanity that Pratchett infused into each of his more than 70 novels, transforming the Discworld into one of British fiction’s biggest success stories. Pratchett’s friend and collaborator Neil Gaiman has been tapped to contributed as well, while the BBC has said that it hopes that the movie will show that Pratchett is “still having the last laugh.”

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