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Determined not to let America win the transatlantic remake race, the BBC—which recently relaunched Teletubbies, only to be answered by a revived Powerpuff Girls—has announced that it is also bringing back Danger Mouse. The network has ordered an unspecified number of new episodes of the series about a dashing, daredevil rodent secret agent and his adventures against the same 10 or so backdrops, usually in the very easy-to-draw North Pole.


However, this time, as with the newly CGIed Teletubbies, things will look a little different than they did during the show’s 1981 to 1992 run. While Danger Mouse and his trusty, mostly useless assistant Penfold will return—albeit played by new voice actors—alongside familiar enemies such as Count Duckula, he’ll also have certain 21st-century updates. These include a technologically enhanced “iPatch” in place of his signature eye patch, some “state-of-the-art wizardry” in his headquarters, and, presumably, a side business as a sought-after music producer.

The world now looks to the skies, waiting for America to respond by announcing a newer, more scientifically accurate Barney.

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