Yep, that's Stevie Wonder

Just as everyone’s recorded (occasionally shitty) covers of tracks like Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” most musicians both know and have sung The Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows.” (We can’t prove this, of course, but let’s assume it’s true.) That’s what made it the perfect track for the BBC’s new BBC Music promo, which finds everyone from Sam Smith to Dave Grohl belting out bits and pieces of the delightfully sappy cut. Seriously, everyone’s in this video. Kylie Minogue! Chris Martin! One Direction! Brian May! Jake Bugg! Lorde! Pharrell! Brian Wilson himself! A tiger! And while it’s unclear how the BBC actually put this video together (other than “over time,” one would assume), it had to have been quite the process, and that alone is commendable.