The BBC has announced that the current fifth season of its supernatural dramedy Being Human will be its last. Created by Toby Whithouse, the series began in 2008 and originally revolved around the adventures of a vampire, John (Aidan Turner); a werewolf, George (Russell Tovey); and the ghost of a recently murdered woman, Annie (Lenora Crichlow), all of whom shared a house in Bristol and formed a sort of supernatural support group, helping to shore each other up and prevent themselves from feeding on humans.

That basic set-up never changed, though as the original cast members departed, the show swapped each of them out for a different vampire, werewolf, and ghost. That second generation‚ÄĒthe newer yet still ancient remorseful bloodsucker played by Damien Molony, Michael Socha‚Äôs replacement werewolf, and the newly dead Scottish lass with terrific hair played by Kate Bracken‚ÄĒwill finish out the fifth and final season, which features an apocalypse to be averted and a showdown with the devil himself, played by veteran British actor Phil Davis.


Being Human‚Äôs final episode airs in the UK on March 10; no announcement has been made yet as to when the fifth season will air on BBC America, where the series has been one of the bigger transatlantic hits in recent years. Meanwhile, the North American remake‚ÄĒwhich airs on SyFy and has little in common with the original, beyond the shared title and the monsters-behaving-domestically gimmick‚ÄĒis in its third season. It will presumably continue chugging along on its own steam.