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The Batman V Superman trailer is only slightly different in 1995

While the world awaits the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice to find out if a Kryptonian can, in fact, bleed, let’s travel back in time. The year is 1995: Imagine going to Blockbuster Video, renting a new Warner Bros. flick and seeing the previews before the film unwind on the VCR. In this world, viewers are treated to a special preview of an upcoming movie, complete with lousy tracking bars, a too-serious voiceover, and recycled music from Danny Elfman’s Batman scores.

That’s the world that ScreenCrush has created with this latest video, edited by Sleepy Skunk, which flashbacks to a simpler time where credits were shoddy looking and the narration over the trailer was full of gibberish—meant to be profound, but just not making a lot of sense. ScreenCrush loves making these mashup trailers that play with time and expectations, and this one works as a throwback to a time when self-seriousness nearly red-lined the irony quotient of the average filmgoer.


Funnily enough, given the rest of the film’s current marketing in 2016, that overly dour narration kind of fits with what Zack Snyder and company appear to be showcasing in their film. Plus there’s a distinct lack of that goofy Doomsday CGI thing, which is always a good sign.

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