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The Batman gets a rewrite to go with its new director

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Warner Bros. and DC are currently in the process of finding a new director to replace Ben Affleck on The Batman. And while they conduct that search, the studios have also decided they might as well tinker with the film’s script while they’re at it. According to a Forbes report, the current draft was written by Argo’s Chris Terrio, but now it’s going to “undergo substantial changes” and might even get completely rewritten. The extent of the rewriting will probably depend on whoever the new director is, though, since they’ll almost certainly want to look over things and tailor them in a direction that fits their sensibilities

That means Warner Bros. is essentially starting over with The Batman, so its release is probably even further out than we previously thought, and what little details we knew about the plot may no longer be accurate. In other words, Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke may never get to show his handsome, one-eyed face, which would be yet another tragedy for the DC movie universe.


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