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The Bat-Family steps up in the first trailer for Batman: Gotham Knights

It’s been 5 years since Warner Bros. released Batman: Arkham Knight, the explosive, nigh-apocalyptic conclusion to its critically and commercially beloved Arkham series of Batman games. Now Warner Bros. Montreal—the studio responsible for the, uh, less critically and commercially beloved prequel game, Batman: Arkham Origins—has just debuted the first trailer for a new installment of the franchise: Batman: Gotham Knights.


As the plural name suggests, the game—debuted today as part of DC’s FanDome event—centers on all four of Batman’s primary proteges (Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, and The Red Hood) as they try to keep Gotham safe in the absence of their old vigilante-daddy boss. The trailer shows off fan-favorite bad guy Mr. Freeze, plus a glimpse of comic book (relative) newcomers The Court Of Owls.

The more interesting material, though, popped up in the gameplay footage that was aired after the trailer. Most notably, that means the turn—reminiscent of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, which has always shared a lot of DNA with the Arkham games—into more formal role-playing game mechanics, including the fact that Gotham’s various goons now have “levels” marking out how tough they are. (Congratulations to all the mooks who leveled up in Gotham today.)

Batman: Gotham Knights is due out in 2021.