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The Baskets rodeo is ending on August 22

Photo: Pamela Littky (FX)

Four seasons in, FX’s Baskets remains one of the strangest, most emotionally open comedies on TV, centered on a world of rodeos, clowns, and—occasionally—actual, genuine hope. We noted in our pre-air review of the show’s currently running fourth season that the Zach Galifianakis-starring show was just as tender and odd as ever; now, we also know that it’s coming to an end.

FX announced today that the series—executive produced by Galifianakis and Portlandia’s Jonathan Krisel, and co-starring an Emmy-winning Louie Anderson as Chip Basket’s mom, Christine—will be ending this year, with its fourth season finale, set to air on August 22, as its final installment. The season (now series) finale is titled “Moving On,” which, you know: Fair enough.


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