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The bad words fly in this red band trailer for Taraji P. Henson's What Men Want

We’re not sure who thought the world needed a remake of What Women Want, but we have to admit that doing a gender-swap and turning the story into one about a woman getting a secret advantage on her misogynistic colleagues is reasonably clever. The trailers we’ve seen have still been weirdly male-centric, as if Taraji P. Henson (the woman taking Mel Gibson’s place in the lead) is one of the few women who even exists in this world, but at least it’s clear that nearly all of the men here—save for Josh Brener from Silicon Valley—are big idiots. Anyway, we’ve seen trailers for What Men Want before, but this one has the great addition of dirty words. People say “fuck,” people say “fuck” some more, and then maybe they say “fuck” again in a funny way. Fuckin’ great stuff.

Anyway, the movie will be out on February 8.


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