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The Bachelor for babysitters would be even more cutthroat

Photo: What's Up Moms

Nick Viall is just a week away from ending his Bachelor journey by proposing to a woman he’s spent about 42 hours with in total. But if there’s one thing harder than finding love, it’s finding a decent babysitter. At least, that’s the premise of this new sketch from the parenting YouTube channel What’s Up Moms, which reimagines ABC’s glossy dating series as a cutthroat babysitting competition.

Billed as a “season preview,” the sketch nails the tropes of the Bachelor franchise, which includes everything from ever-present buzzwords and phrases (“journey,” “here for the right reasons”) to forced enthusiasm over date cards. There’s also the moment the lead has an emotional breakdown and seemingly threatens to quit the show, plus some in-house squabbling as an early favorite emerges, and a random ambulance shot that implies far more drama than actually occurs on the show. And the video’s almost manically enthusiastic babysitting contestants are only slightly heightened versions of the men and women who compete for love in The Bachelor world.


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