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The Babadook to raise bababucks at special LGBT charity screenings

Photo: IFC

The origins of the whole “Babadook as gay icon” meme are as mysterious as those of the top-hatted entity himself, maybe even more so. After all, we know he’s the corporeal incarnation of unresolved grief. But wherefore came the glitch that put the movie in Netflix’s LGBT film section, inspiring the deadpan caption—“so proud that Netflix recognizes the Babadook as gay representation”—that launched a thousand memes and a handful of sweaty, black-clad voguers?

Regardless, the joke—or was it a joke?—has now blossomed into a full-on phenomenon, and Los Angeles’ Arena Cinelounge is jumping on the bababandwagon with a full week of The Babadook screenings from June 23 to June 27. The screenings will be babaccompanied by a “talk back conversation” called “Babashook: From Monster to Cultural Icon” and a “Babadook cosplay karaoke party” this coming Saturday, June 24, at an as-yet-undisclosed babalocation.


Proceeds from the whole babaffair will go towards “supporting LGBTQ Awareness,” which technically is what you’re doing when you simply watch the movie. But now’s not the time to split babahairs, so you can buy tickets at this link.

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