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The Babadook

2014’s The Babadook was a refreshing horror film that combined legitimately spooky visuals with an underlying metaphor that had nothing to do with teens being killed for their promiscuity (a rarity for the genre), and now Babadook director Jennifer Kent has shared some more details about her next project in a press release from movie studio Bron Creative. Titled The Nightingale, the movie is described as a “period thriller” that takes place in Tasmania in 1825 and centers on a “beautiful 21-year-old” convict from Ireland who sees her husband and baby killed by “her soldier master and his cronies.” Seeking vengeance, she and an Aboriginal tracker enter “the hellish wilderness,” where she “gets much more than she bargained for.”

The Nightingale will star Aisling Franciosi and Sam Claflin, and it goes into production in March.


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