YouTuber Miles Jai sporting full Babadook cosplay
Photo: Tara Ziemba (Getty Images)

Pride Month, among other things, is about celebrating and giving thanks to the LGBT heroes that came before us. That’s why, as reported by Vulture, IFC Midnight and Shout Factory are releasing a limited-edition Blu-ry of The Babadook, Jennifer Kent’s 2014 horror movie starring The Babadook, noted queer icon and the only grief monster capable of successfully pulling off a top hat. These special rainbow-slipcovered Blu-rays are currently available on Shout Factory’s website, but you’ll want to jump on them soon as there’s only 2,500 copies.


As IFC’s above tweet notes, a portion of all sales in June go to the Los Angeles LGBT Center, so you can manage to do some good while passionately defending the LGBT status of a fictional boogeyman.

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