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The Avett Brothers announce a new album, premiere new single

Hardly a year has passed since The Avett Brothers released their Grammy-nominated album, The Carpenter, but the band already has another album due out this fall. Magpie And The Dandelion will arrive Oct. 15, and NPR has the first single already. According to a letter the Brothers wrote recently, they were so inspired while working with producer Rick Rubin on The Carpenter that they wrote a whole other album.  Magpie And The Dandelion is, according to the Avetts themselves, inspired by the youthful wonder associated with the respective bird and flower.

In a press release, the band says, “If you think about a Magpie, it’s a bird from the crow family. You can see them everywhere, and they’ve got this strange grace. And, we all know what a dandelion is. It reminds you of being a kid and watching a flower come apart on a summer day…those kinds of feelings live and breathe inside this album."


The first single, “Another Is Waiting,” is available to stream now via NPR.

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