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The Avengers movies and Avatar are returning to Chinese theaters

Illustration for article titled The iAvengers/i movies and iAvatar/i are returning to Chinese theaters
Photo: Avengers: Infinity War (Marvel)

With its coronavirus outbreak largely under control—and with fewer new cases being reported—China has re-opened over 500 movie theaters, and more are expected to return to business in the coming weeks. To help lure moviegoers back to the theater, Variety reports that China Film Group has lined up 11 titles for re-release, including four Avengers movies and James Cameron’s Avatar. The state-owned group, which controls the distribution of Hollywood films in the region, is plotting a “phased release” of the four Avengers films—all but Civil Warstarting this Thursday, March 26. The repertory blockbuster screenings will continue through May or June. When reached for comment by Variety, “sources close to Disney in Asia said the studio is not involved in the re-releases, and that these are matters decided on by China Film.” Disney, meanwhile, has announced plans to reopen Disneyland and Disney World on April 1—an ill-advised move given that more and more states are issuing “shelter in place” orders and restricting unnecessary public movement.

Several other titles have been scheduled for release in China in the coming weeks, including a 3D, 4K restoration of Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone, Green Book, A Dog’s Purpose and its sequel, A Dog’s Journey, and a handful of Chinese blockbusters: American Dreams In China, Wolf Totem, Wolf Warrior 2, and The Wandering Earth. It’s possible that American cinemas may take a similar approach in the early days of re-opening to the public. Several blockbusters have been delayed in response to the pandemic, including Wonder Woman 1984, Black Widow, and Furious 9.

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