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When it comes right down to it, isn’t The Avengers really a story about super-powered beings (and Hawkeye) just being there for each other? Even if it hasn’t been their day, their week, their month, or even their year, these superheroes are ready to support each other in whatever giant fracas requires them to team up. So it makes some semblance of sense that one could easily plug the cast of the movie into the opening theme and montage of Friends. Using The Rembrandts’ song, the movie now takes on less of a “group against the apocalypse” feel and more of a “bunch of folks just hanging out” vibe.


The mash-up video was made by Jeremiah Rivera and incorporates footage from the Age Of Ultron trailers as well as the original film. Really, both The Avengers and Friends are about a bunch of good looking people hanging out in New York City and just trying to get by while trading various quips.Now if only there were some way to get all of the heroes to frolic in a public fountain.

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