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The Avalanches won’t make people wait 16 years for their next album

(Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, Mark Metcalfe)

Last July, Australian electronic music group The Avalanches released Wildflower, their first studio album in 16 years, but is seems like they have no intention of making fans wait that long for their next release. As reported by Stereogum, the group recently posted an image on the Avalanches Instagram page of a few boxes full of albums and the caption “LP#3 - Day 1.”


The Avalanches are famous for their largely unmatched talent for sampling other music, so all of those albums aren’t just decorative they’re most likely a tease for some of the things that sharp-eared listeners might hear on this new album. Of course, it’s probably worth noting that just because the group has already started working on a third album, there’s really no indication that the album will actually come out any faster than the last one.

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