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The ATX Television Festival is returning to Austin, TX, for a celebration of all things television. The fourth annual ATX Television Festival is set for June 4-7, and they’ve announced the panels and programming that will kick off the opening night.


ATX’s main event for opening night is the world premiere of USA’s new original drama, Complications. The festival will also be honoring long-time Simpsons producer James L. Brooks with its Achievement in Television Excellence Award. Brooks, who has created a number of shows—including Mary Tyler Moore and Taxi—over his long career, will participate in a career retrospective panel with producer Phil Rosenthal. Brooks will also take part in a Simpsons panel with fellow producers Al Jean, Matt Selman, and David Silverman.

ATX has also announced the following panel additions to the festival:

  • NBC’s Hannibal, with creator Bryan Fuller
  • Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, with creator Dan Goor and cast members
  • A “Canceled Too Soon” screening for Amy Sherman Palladino’s Bunheads
  • A 25th anniversary screening of Marta Kauffman’s HBO series Dream On
  • The fifth season premiere of USA’s Suits
  • A script reading of the Dawson’s Creek pilot, presented by Kevin Williamson

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