Astron-6 may not be a household name as far as Canadian filmmaking collectives go, but the team founded by Adam Brooks and Jeremy Gillespie is quickly making its mark in the world of low-budget, weirdo sci-fi/action/horror movies. For those who don’t know, Astron-6 is the group behind The Editor, Manborg, and the “W Is For Wish” segment of ABCs Of Death 2. Now, according to Entertainment Weekly, the studio is making a web series.

The show is titled Divorced Dad, and though the teaser starts off like a parody of public access talk shows, things get decidedly more terrifying as they go on. It’s a little bit like Too Many Cooks, if Too Many Cooks were weirder and more unsettling. Or, as Astron-6 describes it, “as the series progresses, it becomes apparent that Divorced Dad’s life and show have become one homologous, inescapable Lynchian nightmare,” but he’s still going to “make the most of it” and bring the viewer “the best damn show he can within the limits of his visitation rights.”


You can see the aforementioned teaser below, and here’s a link to Too Many Cooks just for fun.