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The Artist's Michel Hazanavicius, Tom Hanks, and Natalie Portman may combine Oscar-generating powers for Nazi movie

United by their shared interests in exploring the past and getting Oscars, The Artist director Michel Hazanavicius is in talks to team with Tom Hanks and Natalie Portman on In The Garden Of Beasts, the previously reported project in which Hanks—after years of waging futile cinematic war against Axis powers—may finally get the chance to come face to face with Hitler and stop World War II for good. Hanks would star as William Dodd, the U.S. ambassador who witnesses firsthand the beginning of the Third Reich that would one day give rise to so many Tom Hanks projects, while Portman would play his daughter, who just wants to date all the handsome Nazis, Dad, just let her live her own life! Though neither Hazanavicius nor Portman are officially confirmed yet, this report has already been nominated for six Academy Awards.

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