Animated Puff Daddy from SNL

Sean Combs wears many hats: rapper, producer, actor, shill for absurd vodka brand—truly, a renaissance man for our times. And he’s undergone almost as many name changes over the years, most recently declaring that he was going back to the “Puff Daddy” sobriquet for his latest album, leaving us all in a general state of uncertainty when it comes to properly addressing him. So we’ll just follow Deadline’s lead for now in reporting that Sean “Diddy” Combs is executive producing an animated series for FX called Brightmoor.

No longer content with merely being a living cartoon, Combs is now translating that talent to the small screen, supervising the new project via his Revolt Films banner. Created and written by King Of The Hill alum Chip Hall and Detroit comedian Chris Powell, a.k.a. Comedian CP, the show is being described as “South Park set in inner-city Detroit.” It follows the young African-American students at Brightmoor elementary, perhaps as they do outlandish, only-in-a-cartoon things like filming themselves defying Godzilla, or maybe making “unprecedented social networking experiences” that look astonishingly like generic video tweets.


FX has been trying for several years now to find another animated series to pair with its hit show Archer. It remains to be seen whether Brightmoor will fill that niche, or whether it will join decaying corpses Chozen and Unsupervised, their ghosts haunting the halls of FX, eternally whispering their final network notes prior to cancelation: “Needs more H. Jon Benjamin.”