In the ugly, all-too-common defense of blaming the victim when it comes to cases of rape, The Artist director Michel Hazanavicius has said that he pities actress Kim Novak, whose feelings of being violated by his film’s use of the Vertigo score he believes is just a matter of perspective. “I’ve done nothing wrong,” Hazanavicius told CNN. “I used music from another movie, but it’s not illegal. We paid for that, we asked for that and we had the permission to do it,” Hazanivicius added, essentially calling Vertigo a whore. Addressing Novak directly, he said, “I feel sorry for her, but there’s a lot of movies with music from other movies, directors do that all the time and I’m not sure it’s a big deal." Oh sure, it happens all the time—it’s just that primordial urge of directors to dominate other directors and take their soundtrack mates for their own, all to ensure successful movie breeding. You can’t fight nature, right? You make us ill, sir.