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The Arrested Development revival: Now with official parking spaces

It’s been months since the last nebulous, promising-yet-not-officially-promised progress on the Arrested Development revival, so here’s yet another taste of vague positivity to sustain your faith in the project. Writer and executive producer Dean Lorey has written on his blog (On the Internet! Where people can read it!) that he, Mitch Hurwitz, and Jim Vallely are currently “off writing the new season of Arrested to premiere on Netflix in 2013”—which, yes, is the same thing that was reported the last time someone said something was happening. And while between that announcement and today’s update, no one has yet made any formal deal to return, Lorey swears that “the original cast is back,” that they still plan to shoot this year, and that he would totally give out more details if he could, but “even the schedule is being kept under wraps.” Of course, he didn’t mention whether that new season would still act as a precursor to a feature film, which also doesn’t have an official deal in place yet. However, Lorey did say, “There are offices and parking spaces.” Which, in the ever-tenuous world of the Arrested Development continuation, we guess assigning Jason Bateman a parking space is the equivalent of signing a blood oath.  So it’s still definitely happening, probably! [via Deadline]


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