So, the Internet hasn’t been doing as great a job as usual this week, as it’s been too involved with the ongoing Charlie Sheen The Human Meme project to focus on much besides WINNING. And that’s fine, Sheen’s been good for a few laughs this week… but a meme that burns so bright will inevitably snuff out into a cloud of cocaine-laced dust, leaving behind a virtual graveyard of abandoned Tumblrs and Buzzfeed lists. During heady, go-go meme rushes like this, some of us like to retreat to simpler times, backing away from the bright glare of image macros and the sonic assault of Sheen soundboards in favor of the basics, the lifeblood of LOL if you will. And what could be better, simpler, or more pure than babies laughing at ripping paper? Nothing. There is nothing better on the Internet and there never will be (unless Charlie Sheen films a YouTube video of himself wearing a diaper and laughing maniacally as his goddesses rip paper for him). So join us, won’t you, as we wallow in all the paper-ripping goodness YouTube has to offer.

(Or you could go look at Paula Deen riding things, if you hate joy and love butter.)