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The annual Gathering Of The Juggalos infomercial is here

For those who’d never dream of actually attending the annual Gathering Of The Juggalos—a celebration of all things Insane Clown Posse and associates—its yearly infomercial offers a solid window into the silliness. It’s an overlong, overcomplicated, over CGI-ed announcement of events and acts, generally delivered by truly bad actors—presumably just the closest Juggalo pulled out of the warehouse. This year’s 23-minute commercial offers less in the way of guffaws (there’s no “everywhere you look, different shit is poppin’ off!”) and more in the way of hard information, though it’s all couched in a story about a Juggalo who bounces between heaven and hell. (There are no Juggalos in hell, you see, so he keeps getting bumped back up to heaven, where the Gathering takes place.) This year’s party could be less of a free-for-all than past years’, since it takes place at a legitimate concert venue, Legend Valley, outside Columbus, Ohio. It’s probably safe to assume that the open-air drug markets, rampant nudity, and frontier-style justice for thieves will be less prevalent than they were in Cave-In-Rock, Illinois, where the Gathering took place from 2007 until last year, when local authorities decided these clowns (compliment!) were no longer welcome. (There was one death last year.) In any case, according to the video, this year will offer such ICP novelties as the Peep This Shit Stage, some Insane Poetry, a performance by Axe Murder Boyz, “horney nutts & big butts,” and a “frothy murder mix foam party.” Also, for some inexplicable reason, Gilbert Gottfried will perform. The entire 23-minute video is below.

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