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The animated movie Leap! is getting a big dose of Kate McKinnon

(Photo: NBC/Getty Images)

These days it feels like Kate McKinnon is playing just about every public figure on Saturday Night Live. There she is as Kellyanne Conway, Jeff Sessions, Elizabeth Warren—the list goes on. The idea seems to be: well, why use her sparingly if she can do it all? Now The Weinstein Company is apparently ascribing to that same theory. It announced yesterday that McKinnon will voice not one but three characters in the upcoming animated film Leap!

Elle Fanning stars in the project as an orphan named Félice who goes to Paris in the 19th Century with dreams of becoming a ballerina. McKinnon will voice her mother, implying that she has some sort of backstory, as well as characters named Régine Le Haut and Mother Superior. Nat Wolff, Mel Brooks and Carly Rae Jepsen are also in the cast. Meanwhile, McKinnon also has a more high-profile vocal performance lined up: She’s our new Ms. Frizzle, after all.


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