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The Anchorman sequel news has Adam McKay also just spouting out random phrases

As the clamor of loud noises continues around the recently announced Anchorman 2, it seems as though writer-director Adam McKay also hasn’t gotten much further beyond non-sequitur quoting either. McKay confirms to Salon that the script is still in the kicking-around-ideas phase, although he did drop a couple of hints for the curious, which may or may not prove to be actual plot reveals. “I’ll say one phrase for you: custody battle,” McKay said, which would suggest that the sequel could find Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone a broken family locked in a bitter divorce, were this not a sequel to Anchorman. As it is, the “custody battle” could, for all we really know, involve Fred Willard fighting to lose custody of his LSD-addled, German porn-enthusiast son, or even Champ struggling to become recognized as the father of Wes Mantooth, after finally taking his sainted mother Dorothy out for that seafood dinner.  It’s all pointedly ridiculous, is what we’re saying, and McKay adds to that silliness by throwing out another phrase: “Bowling for dollars.” Although, actually, bowling for dollars is pretty serious. Let’s not joke around about bowling for dollars, and say things we can’t take back.

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