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The American Psycho musical has been killed

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After laying down some newspaper, buttoning up a clear raincoat, and putting on a song from the Huey Lewis And The News album Fore, New York’s Second Stage Theatre has brutally murdered its production of the American Psycho musical. OK, Second Stage didn’t kill it by choice, but the theater did cancel the show’s upcoming 2015 run after the producers at Act 4 Entertainment decided to pull the rights. This comes from The New York Times, which suggests that the decision to stop the off-Broadway run before it starts is actually because Act 4 wants to jump directly to an actual on-Broadway run instead. Who knows, maybe American Psycho can be the next Lion King? Children all over the country will take field trips to New York to see a man sing about business cards. It’ll be great.


The American Psycho musical first premiered in London last year with former physician—and bow tie aficionado—Matt Smith in the Patrick Bateman role. Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter star Benjamin Walker—he played the bloody Andrew Jackson and the vampire-hunting Lincoln—was set to play Bateman in Second Stage’s production, but it’s unclear at this time if he’ll stay on if the show does go to Broadway.

[h/t Entertainment Weekly]

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