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The American Horror Story house really is for sale

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In an eerie parallel to its current state on the show, the Los Angeles mansion featured on American Horror Story is also seeking a buyer, one who can overlook the house’s association with a series of horrible murders and, no doubt, a steady stream of tourist gawkers. Obviously, the similarities end there: Though the pilot was filmed inside this location, episodes since then have been shot at an exact replica, meaning the original house remains relatively unsullied by all the horrors of the past season. (It's definitely got less psychological baggage than R. Kelly's place.) Also, American Horror Story is a television series, and even if they were real and living in the actual house, ghosts cannot kill or rape people. Don't be dumb. Anyway, quite tellingly, real estate agent Joe Babajian’s listing doesn’t even make mention of the house's association with the show, clearly hoping to lure a more refined client with details of the three-story home’s six baths and five bedrooms, tastefully appointed with Tiffany-stained glass windows, perfect for staring out of while you masturbate and cry. But for the ultimate fan looking to buy the home to make jokes about hiring gay, dead decorators or to run around in a rubber gimp suit, it will only cost you $4.5 million. Or you could just do those things right now in your home for much, much less. [via THR]

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