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The American Chopper meme has a worthy heir, and it is Eric Andre

If you’ve been online in the past month, you’ve probably come across that meme with the two guys from American Chopper screaming at each other. It’s been pretty hard to miss lately. Like the Distracted Boyfriend meme before it, and the Expanding Brain meme before that, the American Chopper meme (or Motorcycle Guys as it’s sometimes called) is just another fun way to explore difficult questions, lay out relatable arguments, or comment on binary social conflicts. But, because memes these days burn bright and fast, these two motorcycle boys are already on the verge of being a badly beaten dead horse. Luckily, a worthy heir to the meme throne has been found in a 2013 clip from The Eric Andrew Show.

Much as Eric Andre senselessly unloads two clips from a handgun into his sidekick Hannibal Burress’ chest and then innocently wonders, “Who killed Hannibal?” this meme can be repurposed to highlight the hypocrisy and blame shifting that occurs all too frequently in society. Oh, also, it’s pretty funny.

Screenshot: Reddit (r/memes)

It can teach you a thing or two about history, as well.

Screenshot: Reddit (r/HistoryMemes)
Screenshot: Reddit (r/HistoryMemes)

A more learned person might attempt to draw some connection between the Hegelian dialectic, the recurring conflict of ideologies, and the seemingly limitless relevance of this new meme. But why bother with that when we can use it to reference the Star Wars prequels?

Screenshot: Reddit (r/PrequelMemes)

So, if you’re looking to invest in the meme economy, now is the time to buy on “Who killed Hannibal?” and sell on Motorcycle Guys. And if you’re the type who continues to insist you don’t “get” memes, well, as you were.


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