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The already very busy Peter Tolan takes on a Fox legal drama with Greg Kinnear

Apparently not content with already serving as executive producer on two new shows, Peter Tolan has taken on yet another project, signing on as co-executive producer of the new Fox legal drama Rake starring Greg Kinnear.

In September, Tolan became attached to a new cop show with House creator David Shore, just a week and a half after reaching a pilot agreement with CBS for a single-camera comedy starring Jim Gaffigan. Rake, based on an Australian series of the same name, centers on Cleaver Greene, a criminal defense lawyer described as "[b]rilliant, iconoclastic, and innately self-destructive [with] a mind-numbing lack of discretion." He also has a penchant for "utterly hopeless cases without realizing that he…is the most desperate case of all." In other words, it's a lot like House in a courtroom, thus continuing TV's quest to combine all the procedurals into one. [via Deadline]


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