Historically, the Air Force has been one of the least of Godzilla’s problems. When you’re a gigantic atomic-fire-breathing lizard who’s essentially immune to conventional guns and explosives, there’s not much a bunch of fighter jets can do to you. On the other hand, The King Of All Monsters would be a huge problem (and one that’s apparently growing bigger by the year) for the men and women of Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan, who would be on the front lines if the giant fictional monster ever suddenly decided to exist and then attack Japan. How would the U.S. Air Force respond to such an assault?

That’s the thrust of this video, produced by the Smithsonian’s Air & Space Magazine, asking two servicemen at Kadena about potential attack plans and difficulties they would face in a battle against the notorious kaiju. The response is a mixed bag.


While the joke answers provided by Master Sergeant Jason Edwards of the 18th Wing’s Public Affairs division aren’t quite as funny as he seems to think, the other serviceman interviewed, Senior Airman Mark Hermann of the 18th Wing’s 33rd Rescue Squadron, gives what seem like thoughtful, well-reasoned responses, noting, for instance, that Godzilla’s atomic breath would require the use of “chem gear” that would reduce visibility and maneuverability. It’s nice to see such practicality applied to the hypothetical defense of Japan, even if we’re pretty sure it would still end in failure because, again, gigantic invincible atomic-fire-breathing lizard.