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The Addams Family still creepy and kooky in color

Photo: Pop Colorture

A few years ago, a photo of the original Addams Family set revealed that it was far pinker and far more colorful than one would expect for such a macabre family. Since the show was shot in black and white, the set colors were chosen to maximize contrast rather than fit the show’s tone. Based on that photo, Stuart Manning reimagined the show’s famous opening sequence in similarly bright hues. Now the YouTube channel Pop Colorture is colorizing whole scenes from the show:

The first colorized Addams Family scene mostly just involves Morticia and Gomez standing in a hallway, although it does feature a shot of their matching his and hers nail beds. Pop Colorture recently did a similar experiment with scenes from The Munster, another black and white series about a spooky family. Here’s a look at just how Pop Colorture completes the colorizing process:

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