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The Addams Family is still freaking out the normies in its first full-length trailer

Screenshot: MGM (YouTube)

With this unrelentingly blistering summer steadily approaching its close, the first full-length Addams Family trailer is here to remind us that Spooky Season is on its way, and not a moment too soon. The teaser for the animated remake, which was released back in April, gave an isolated glimpse of the family, just to assure audiences that they were as eccentric as ever. This latest, extended look provides more of a plot, new characters, and very casually announces that Snoop Dogg will voice “It.”

When the family relocates to to suburbs of New Jersey, they encounter the clear and present dangers of bright colors and neighbors. As expected, their unorthodox way of life and macabre style send the neighborhood into a panic, especially the big-haired, likely self-appointed welcome wagon Margeux Needler (Allison Janney). By the end, It/Snoop Dogg makes an entrance to “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” because that is definitely a thing we’re still doing in 2019.


The Addams Family is already attempting to walk a strange line with its marketing: Somehow, this animated effort wants to maintain the iconic family’s penchant for standing out while simultaneously trying very hard to fit in (“This is gonna be lit” can be heard faintly over the sound of millions cringing around the globe). The preceding launch of the movie’s character poster—all featuring wildly outdated pop culture references—definitely didn’t help. Maybe the secondhand embarrassment won’t be quite as bad with the actual film, which arrives to theaters October 11.

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