Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange has been in theaters for a couple of weeks now, performing its part as a cog in the Marvel Cinematic Universe machine. But if the good doctor’s exploits are a little too serious for your movie-going tastes, you might get a kick out of this re-dubbed version of one of the film’s trailers, with YouTuber Gloson Teh replacing every musical cue, sound effect, and line of dialogue with sounds from his own mouth.

Over-talking stuff like this is a sure-fire way to drain them of their fun, so we’ll only note in passing that there’s something very funny about a big-budget car crash being overdubbed with the sound of a kid playing smash-em-up with his toy cars. (Also, we can’t help but note that Teh’s Tilda Swinton is pretty good, and his Doctor Strange isn’t much worse than the American accent Benedict Cumberbatch struggled through in the film.)


[via The Hollywood Reporter]