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The A.V. Club's Marc Hawthorne describes his friendship/stalking of Third Eye Blind on public radio

Marc Hawthorne was the local editor of The A.V. Club's now-shuttered San Francisco edition, and has been a contributor to the main site for many years—all of this in spite of the fact that he professed undying love for Third Eye Blind. Marc interviewed the band's Stephan Jenkins on several occasions, and the two became more than just subject/writer—one might say they were bros. And then things fell apart. Marc shared his story of being "dumped" by a rock-star friend on a site called The Bold Italic, which led to an appearance on a radio show called Snap Judgment. And, more importantly, an on-air reunion between the two. It's awkward in all the best ways, and it's embedded below for your enjoyment.


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