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The A.V. Club wants your best breakup stories

Photo: Graphica Arts / Getty Images

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and your fellow miserable cynics here at The A.V. Club want to celebrate by reading your best/worst breakup stories on our daily Facebook Live show. Everyone’s been dumped over text, but were you dumped via a cake with “I think we should see other people” written in electric blue frosting? Tell us about it. Did you catch your lover in bed with the Star Wars sex doll they promised to save for your anniversary? We’d really like to hear that story. Whether it’s sad, stupefying, or just plain hilarious, we’d love it if you sent your breakup story to us at ILoveTheAVClub@gmail.com, or on Twitter @TheAVClub.

If you send us a Twitter video, we’ll even play it on our Facebook Live show so you can show off your storytelling skills (and maybe the weird stuffed animal your ex left at your place). Just be sure to send them before we go live on Facebook tomorrow morning at 10:30 a.m. CT.


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