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The A.V. Club to sponsor 10 days of programming of Crackle.com’s Summer Drive-In Series

When our friends at Crackle.com asked us to sponsor 10 days of their Summer Drive-In movie series, we were appalled. “Couldn’t people use that to goof off at work? Shouldn’t they be spending their time helping charities or attending to elderly loved ones? Do we really want to be responsible for helping out a service that puts full-length movies at tips of users fingers? Beloved favorites like Ghostbusters, In The Line Of Fire, and, uh, The Exorcism Of Emily Rose? The temptation is simply too great for people to handle!” But you know what? The people at Crackle don’t care. They believe they have a responsibility to bring great entertainment to the masses and it’s up to you to use that entertainment responsibly.

So, despite our reservations, we signed on to help guide you through the 10 final days of Summer Drive-In movies. We’ll catch the tail end of the comedy stretch and then hang out for the entirety of a run of camp classics that includes… well, we’re not allowed to say. We’ll write a preview of each new movie as it becomes available each day here at The A.V. Club and provide a link for you to reach the film. It all starts tonight at midnight. Feel free to come back here to discuss it in the comments section. But please: Watch carefully.


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