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The A.V. Club show examines the state of Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has enjoyed one of the most stable careers in Hollywood; unlike other celebrities of his caliber, Cruise remains unscathed by controversy, couch jumping, aging, and lackluster films. Even The Mummy, which was almost universally panned, wasn’t a true loss for Cruise when you take a closer look at box office sales. The man is unbreakable, and probably immortal too.

This week on The A.V. Club, we take a closer look into the state of Tom Cruise and exactly what makes his armor so impenetrable. A.V. Club News Editor Katie Rife and Film Editor Alex Dowd stop by to discuss Tom Cruise’s career highs and lows, and the best Tom Cruise impersonator in the world, Evan Ferrante, joins us for a workshop on Cruise’s articulations, laugh, and that infamous Tom Cruise run.


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