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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

The A.V. Club’s Best Of The Decade features start next week

Jeez, is it really the end of the ‘00s already? Why, it seems like just yesterday we were wondering whether or not Freddie Prinze Jr. and Claire Forlani would make a love connection in Boys And Girls while rocking out to “Meet Virginia.” And look at us now: All grown up and getting reflective. But before we disappear into misty-eyed nostalgia, let’s collectively take a cold, hard look at the decade that was by assessing the best of everything pop culture, one element at a time.

November (and the early part of December) is the perfect time for looking back, so here’s a schedule of what we’ll be examining and when.

Best Of The Decade: Television (starts Tuesday, November 10th)

We’ll be covering the waterfront through a variety of features looking at reality shows, our favorite one-season wonders and, of course, our picks for the decade’s best shows.


Best Of The Decade: Music (starts Tuesday, November 17th)

Just like above, only with music.

Best Of The Decade: Books (Monday, November 23rd)

The must reads of the ’00s.

Best Of The Decade: Comics (Tuesday, November 24th)

The best from the first decade when everyone seemed to acknowledge comics aren’t just for kids anymore.

Best Of The Decade: Games (Wednesday, November 25th)

The games we couldn’t put down this decade.

Best Of The Decade: Film (starts Tuesday, December 1st)

From the best bad movies of the decade to the 50 best films of the ’00s, this week’s all about film.


So there you have it. Help us send out the decade starting next week.

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