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Last year The A.V. Club launched our first-ever readers’ poll, in which we learned that Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity was not only the year’s best film, but that it was the most overrated, too. Now, we return once more, lending an ear to those with an opinion on the best, the worst, and the everything in-between in the worlds of television, film, music, books, games, and podcasts. The polls (which can all be accessed via those handy blue links, as well as below) will close on Monday, December 15, and the results will run on Thursday, December 18, so don’t delay. We not only look forward to hearing what our readers loved and hated this year, but also learning what The A.V. Club got wrong. After all, the best gift you can give us A.V. Club staffers is the opportunity to bask in our insecurities during the holiday season.


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