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A.V. Club Staff and John Teti
Illustration for article titled iThe A.V. Club/i is looking for interns who like videogames in New York

A.V. Club games editor John Teti is looking for interns to help out with a soon-to-launch, A.V. Club-related project dedicated to videogames—and all sorts of other games besides. That project will launch quite soon, and details will be forthcoming. But it is missing a crucial ingredient, the lifeblood of any great enterprise: interns.


We are looking for editorial interns and video interns. The internships will be based in New York City—specifically, Brooklyn. (Interns will telecommute for some of their tasks, but they must be based in the New York area.) Duties will include, but will not be limited to: day-to-day organizational tasks, transcribing interviews, assisting staff, coordinating social media outreach, and possible writing opportunities. Video interns will perform some of those same tasks while also providing production assistance on shoots and capturing footage of games, among other moving-picture duties.

Requirements: Candidates should possess strong writing and verbal skills, organizational aptitude, an ability to work with others on deadlines, and a diverse, abiding interest in games. Experience with web publishing is a plus. Familiarity with video editing will, as you might imagine, make for a more appealing video-intern candidate. (Applicants do not, however, need to have their own editing equipment or software.) This internship will focus on building your skills as a games critic and journalist.


Qualified applicants should send a résumé, cover letter, and writing and/or video samples to John Teti at: interns2012@gameological.com.

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