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The A.V. Club introduces 2 new film features

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Starting this week, The A.V. Club’s film section will be adding two new regular columns to complement Jesse Hassenger’s recently launched Together Again, Mike D’Angelo’s long-running Scenic Routes, and film editor A.A. Dowd’s Palme Thursday.


Up first will be The Overlook, in which Ignatiy Vishnevetsky will examine neglected masterpieces, curios, and all kinds of other movies that, for one reason or another, haven’t gotten their due. Expect eccentric musicals, barely distributed art films, Brechtian Westerns, widely panned Hollywood oddities, and lesser-known movies by all-time greats to figure prominently. The Overlook will run every other Tuesday.

Later in the week, we’ll be unveiling Tom Breihan’s A History Of Violence, a chronological survey of the history and development of the action movie. The series starts in the ’60s, with the film that first cemented much of what we’ve come to associate with the genre and defined its sense of cool. From there, A History Of Violence will work its way back to the present one year and one influential action movie at a time. It will run on Fridays, alternating with Scenic Routes.

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