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The A.V. Club and The Flatey Enigma want to send you to Iceland

Have you ever been to Iceland? I have (#humblebrag), and it was my favorite place I've ever been. Now, enough with the personal stuff: We'd like to send you to Iceland, including hotel and airfare. The reason? A new crime book—part fiction, part based on a book of Icelandic folklore—called The Flatey Enigma. Here's a little bit of description to whet your appetite:

"An enticing blend of fact and fiction, Ingolfsson’s FLATEY ENIGMA begins with the death of Professor Gaston Lund, a Danish cryptographer who visits the tiny island of Flatey (for which the book is named) to attempt to solve the Aenigma Flateyensis once and for all. When his body is discovered on a deserted island nearby, no one can determine how or why he ended up there."


Normally we'd put this contest over on the contests page but since it's such a mega prize (and because we need to send you offsite to enter), it's right here in the ol' Newswire. So… GO HERE TO ENTER. (And to read the complete contest rules.) There will be one grand prize winner, and 10 folks'll get a copy of the book. Good luck. I'm jealous of you, future winner.

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