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The $5 million Wu-Tang Clan record still doesn’t have a buyer

Despite “a number of offers from serious potential collectors,” Wu-Tang Clan’s $5 million album has still not sold. Online auction house Paddle8 says it’s working on selling the one-of-a-kind record, vetting its offers and trying to find the right person for the art piece.

Notable both for its price and its 88-year copyright, Once Upon A Time In Shaolin is less of an album at this point than it is both a news story and a headache. The record is the brainchild of Wu-Tang Clan member RZA and, since it was announced, has been a constant source of friction among the other members of the loose-knit group, all of whom appear on the LP. Method Man, for instance, told XXL that he’s “tired of this shit” and knows “everybody else is tired of it, too,” adding, “fuck that album.” Ghostface Killah, on the other hand, is taking a bit of a hands-off approach, telling CBC Music that the record “could be good and it could be bad,” a statement that sounds like he doesn’t really even know what made the final product.


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