Last year Matt Bray brought us 100 Days Of Dance, a video that edits together 100 time-lapsed moments to create a single dance routine spread over 100 days. It was a fun project, but Bray easily tops it with 100 Places Of Dance, which takes a new routine and new music outdoors to Chicago, among other places. The moves are better, and Bray has a knack for editing together the right moments for fluidity and humor for what we are assuming are 100 separate takes of the entire dance routine.

If you are thinking 100 Days Of Dance guy’s moves need work, so does he. These montages are a smaller part of ProjectOneLife, which is dedicated to making and completing bucket lists to encourage others to accomplish their own list items. He admits that the project was part of bucket list item 22, “learn how to dance,” but Bray is leaving it unchecked as he doesn’t feel like he’s quite good enough yet. He has managed to cross off an impressive number of items, including running a marathon, hanging out with a monkey, learning how to kickflip, and building a Rube Goldberg machine.


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